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Reports & Presentations

The 12th Annual Virginia Political History Project:
"With All Deliberate Speed?" Massive Resistance in Virginia"

On July 17, 2009, the Center for Politics hosted a special installment of the annual Virginia Political History Project marking the 50th anniversary of the 1959 "end" of Massive Resistance. Former students, elected officials and civil right leaders shared their personal perspectives from this historic period. The conference featured the only statewide gathering of former students to tell their stories. The conference aired on C-SPAN and a separate documentary, "Locked Out: The Fall of Massive Resistance", will air on Virginia PBS stations in November 2009.

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Politics: The Missing Link of Responsible Civic Education

Over the course of the last year, the Center for Politics engaged in a comprehensive national research project to better understand the political attitudes and knowledge among American high school students in grades nine through twelve. The goal: to examine possible catalysts for declining youth participation in the American democratic process of campaigns and elections, as well as declining trust in the political process, to assist in enhancing civic education and fostering long-term civic engagement nationwide.

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Virginia Votes 2003: Not much to remember, not much to forget

This latest chapter in the Virginia Votes series looks at the General Assembly elections of 2003. "In a state with an election every year, it is unreasonable to expect intense competition each November," said Sabato. "But Virginia's 2003 General Assembly contests tried the patience of any who believe in representative democracy."

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Virginia Votes 1999 - 2002

This edition of the Virginia Votes series looks at the GOP’s takeover of the General Assembly in 1999, the 2000 U.S. Senate race, the 2001 gubernatorial race and the statewide referenda of 2002.

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(The 1999 General Assembly Elections)

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(The 2000 Republican Presidential Primary)

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(The 2000 Presidential and Congressional Contests)

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(The 2001 Statewide Nominations)

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(The 2001 General Election)

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(The 2002 U.S. Senate and Congressional Elections)

Report on the National Symposium on Presidential Selection

As a follow-up to its National Symposium Series on Presidential Selection, the Center authored a report on election reform suggestions. The analysis focused on three major elements of the presidential selection process-the nominating process, the voting process, and the Electoral College.

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Virginia Votes 2001

The latest Virginia Votes report, entitled "The 2001 Gubernatorial Election in Virginia: The Rise of Two-Party Competition," focuses on the 2001 Gubernatorial and House of Delegates races by providing comprehensive analysis of the candidates and political landscape of Virginia. Included are numerous charts and tables breaking down the election results and providing an in-depth look at the voter turnout of the November elections.

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Virginia Bellwether Localities

So which way was the wind blowing in Virginia's 2001 governor's race? You can look to public opinion polls for the answer, though they often change with the wind. Or you can look to history. This article takes a look at the "bellwether" cities and counties that always or almost always have voted with the winner.

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The Housing Gap: A Political Analysis of American Voters by Housing Tenure (by Howard R. Ernst)

This report explores homeownership as a key political variable to understanding public opinion and voting behavior in the U.S. The first part of the study focuses extensive attention on the socio-demographic characteristics of voters by housing tenure. The second part of the report focuses on overtly political factors such as political participation, partisan identification, and ideology.

Part I (0.45mb pdf) | Part II (0.58mb) | Part III (0.54mb)