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Overtime! The Election 2000 Thriller by Larry J. Sabato

Chapter Synopses

Chapter 1, Introduction: The Encore of Key Largo

Tom Fiedler, The Miami Herald
Fiedler, one of the 2000 election's best-situated eyewitnesses to history, sets the scene for Overtime!, writing a memorable essay about modern Florida politics and its relationship to the rest of America.

Chapter 2, The Long Road to a Cliffhanger: Primaries and Conventions

Larry J. Sabato & Joshua J. Scott, U.Va. Center for Politics
This chapter examines the nominating battles: who ran and who did not, how the primaries and caucuses unfolded, and why two campaigns triumphed at the conventions when the others did not.

Chapter 3, Campaigns Matter: The Proof of 2000

Charles Babington, The Washington Post and
Babington takes the Bush and Gore campaigns from Labor Day to Election Day, cleverly explaining the ups and downs of "the trail" - from debate soup to the nuts of plans gone awry.

Chapter 4, In the Driver's Seat: The Bush DUI

Timothy J. Burger, The New York Daily News
Burger follows up with a fresh look into one of the Bush campaign's defining episodes, the last-minute revelation about the candidate's drunk driving conviction that nearly cost Bush the White House.

Chapter 5, The Perfect Storm: The Election of the Century

Larry J. Sabato, University of Virginia Center for Politics
In this chapter, the editor conducts an extended examination of the actual too-close-to-call results: what happened, who voted, and why, with all the accompanying "what-ifs."

Chapter 6, Media Mayhem: Performance of the Press in Election 2000

Diana Owen, Georgetown University
Owen critically explores the news media's performance throughout 2000, not least TV's embarrassing election-night debacle in mis-calling Florida twice in the same evening.

Chapter 7, The Labor of Sisyphus: The Gore Recount Perspective

Ronald A. Klain & Jeremy B. Bash, Gore-Lieberman Legal Advisers
Focusing next on the election's "overtime" of five weeks, we hear the inside story of the Florida recount and Bush v. Gore from people at the top. Former Gore Chief of Staff Ronald Klain and his associate Jeremy Bash vividly describe the post-election efforts form the Gore team's perspective.

Chapter 8, A Campout for Lawyers: The Bush Recount Perspective

George J. Terwilliger III, Bush Legal Counsel
In this chapter, Terwilliger describes the behind-the-scenes action in the Bush camp, nicely complementing Klain and Bash's exploration of the Gore recount efforts.

Chapter 9, Down and Dirty, Revisited: A Postscript on Florida and the News Media

Jake Tapper, CNN and
Tapper revisits the Sunshine State scene with new thoughts on this investigation of both post-election campaigns. Tapper made headlines with the publication of his book, Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency (Boston: Little, Brown and Co.) in March 2001.

Chapter 10, Stalemate: The "Great" Election of 2000

Rhodes Cook, The Rhodes Cook Letter
Finally, one of the nation's finest analysts, Rhodes Cook, offers some concluding and insightful observations on a presidential election that may well be the closest thing in American history to a "perfect storm."

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