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Youth Leadership Forms New Partnerships

The Youth Leadership Initiative has partnered with the American Bar Association (ABA) and Public Agenda in an effort to get students talking about important issues in American politics. The ABA sponsored an intergenerational debate on health care and social security at its annual conference held in Chicago on August first of 2009. The debate between highly seasoned and newly appointed lawyers debated issues of health care and social security reform. Following the debate the ABA created four ten-minute podcasts that are available on its website. Both groups hope that YLI educators will use the program in an effort to spur discussion on these issues of importance to our nation.

YLI and Public Agenda have created special resources to support the ABA endeavor. Launched in August, YLI lesson plans were dedicated to the topics of health care and social security reform. These materials draw on the rich statistical analysis provided by Public Agenda. This partnership allowed YLI to provide educators with even more timely and relevant materials for their students. It is hoped that teachers will use these materials and create exciting learning experiences for their classrooms.

Please visit,, and to learn more about the intergenerational debate and ways in which you can involve your students in this engaging program. As with all YLI programs, the debate and resources are provided free of charge to educators.