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Director's Welcome

Center Director, Larry J. SabatoDear Friends:

Blessedly, the official start of spring is less than a week away. Despite the SnOverkill of 2010—an all-time record snowfall total for Charlottesville and lots of other places—winter has been a busy time at the Center for Politics.

In November, we continued our roll-out of the Center’s new Global Perspectives on Democracy (GPD) program with a lecture series in Rome, sponsored by the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Italy. We also launched a new Democracy Corps program in Sri Lanka that aims to teach civic engagement, following up on our first GPD conference last spring. Daman Irby offers an update in this issue.

Here at home, I hope you’ve had an opportunity to view our new documentary, “Locked Out: The Fall of Massive Resistance” that began airing on PBS stations nationally in February. Produced in partnership with the PBS Community Ideas Stations, the film features moving stories by former public school students whose schools were shut in the late 1950s in order to prevent even token desegregation. If you are not moved by the stories in this extraordinary documentary, well, you cannot be moved. You can view the documentary trailer online.

Though snow has disrupted class schedules at thousands of schools across the country, students and teachers who participate in our annual electronic Congress (e-Congress) are off to a great start. Each year, this signature program of our Youth Leadership Initiative generates thousands of fascinating, student-authored legislative proposals that offer a positive example of what can be accomplished when partisanship is not a motivating factor. Congress and the state legislatures could learn a thing or two from these talented young people.

Finally, I invite all (former) hipsters, squares, flower children, hippies, greasers, and cool heads to join us for a new series focusing on the politics of the 1960s. As the nation arrives at the fiftieth anniversary of the Kennedy years, it is important to remember this most politically transformative time in American history. In April we will announce a new annual series of Golden Anniversary programs and events that will commemorate the great themes, movements, and moments of JFK’s White House years and the decades that followed. I hope that the series will serve as invitation for younger Americans to question the past and learn how they can improve both our present and their future. We intend for the series to go on as long as there are 50th anniversaries that can be instructive.

For now, good wishes to you and your family,

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