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American Democracy Conference 2002

12/13/02 | The fifth annual American Democracy Conference, co-sponsored by the U.Va. Center for Politics and National Journal's The Hotline, took place on December 12, 2002 at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C, and was carried live by C-SPAN throughout the day. With the help of key insiders, political consultants and political analysts, we took an in-depth look at the 2002 Elections: what campaign strategies worked, what didn't, how the GOP managed to win more than most analysts predicted, etc.

      ADC 2002 Website
      National Journal's Website

Center for Politics Launches 2003 National Youth e-Congress

12/9/02 | CHARLOTTESVILLE - Students at Western Albemarle High School and Henley Middle School participating with students across the nation in the 2003 National Youth e-Congress will begin their legislative session by hosting a town hall meeting on Friday, December 13, 2002 at Western Albemarle High School. Several federal, state and local elected officials are scheduled to join the students, including: Congressman Virgil Goode; State Senator Creigh Deeds; Delegates Mitch Van Yahres and Steve Landes; Albemarle County School Board members Diantha McKeel and Gary Grant; and Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Chairman Sally Thomas.

      Youth Leadership Initiative Website

Nation's Largest Online Mock Election Concludes
Over 66,000 Students in 50 States Participate

11/1/02 | CHARLOTTESVILLE- Using ballots that are specific to their home-voting location, middle and high school students throughout the nation voted online in the University of Virginia Center for Politics' 2002 National Youth Leadership Initiative mock election, the largest online mock election in the country. Polls opened on Monday, October 21 and remained open through Friday, November 1. Over 66,000 students in all 50 states registered to vote in the mock election, with high levels of participation in schools in Florida, Arizona, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.

      Download Press Release with results (MS Word)
      Youth Leadership Initiative Website

Center Unveils Sabato's "Crystal Ball" Predictions

9/4/02 | The 2002 midterm elections are quickly approaching. The stakes are high, as control of the Congress and numerous governorships hang in the balance. With both sides clamoring away, where can you go to find hard-hitting, "tell it like it is" analysis and unbiased predictions? Sabato's Crystal Ball! The Crystal Ball is a comprehensive, innovative online election guide featuring:

     -The Midterm Map of America: 2002
     -Analysis of Governor, Senate, and House races
     -Midterm elections of the modern political era
     -A look ahead to the races of 2004
     -The "Brutal B" -- Sabato's bottom-line for the 2002 elections
      Crystal Ball 2002 Website

Center for Politics Examines Baliles Administration

7/22/02 | CHARLOTTESVILLE—The University of Virginia Center for Politics hosted the Commonwealth's top journalists, political analysts, and current and former members of Virginia state government during the Gerald L. Baliles Governors Conference on Thursday, July 18 and Friday, July 19 at the Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville.

      Pre-Conference Press Release (MS Word)
      Governors Project Homepage

Center Releases Summer 2002 Bulletin

7/15/02 | The University of Virginia Center for Politics has released its latest bulletin discussing the Center's new name change and highlighting many of the Center's most recent events and programs. Included are articles on the most recent National Symposium Series examining wartime politics and the Youth Leadership Inititative e-Congress program. Baliles Governors Conference on Thursday, July 18 and Friday, July 19 at the Boar's Head Inn in Charlottesville.

      Download (.5mb pdf file)
      More on past bulletins

Frederick Douglass IV to Discuss Activism with Students

7/1/02 | CHARLOTTESVILLE—Frederick Douglass IV, great-great-grandson of the famed 19th century abolitionist, orator, statesman and publisher, will meet with 25 students on Wednesday, July 3 at 10:00 a.m. in the Rotunda at the University of Virginia. The Youth Leadership Initiative at the UVa Center for Politics, in collaboration with the University's Summer Enrichment Program and Upward Bound program, is sponsoring the event. The students are participants in the Summer Enrichment Program, where they are studying the role of activism throughout American history.

      Press Release (MS Word) | Detailed Info: Story

Center Changes Name, Unveils New Website

7/1/02 | Inspired by Center director Larry Sabato's motto, "politics is a good thing," the Center for Governmental Studies has adopted a new title. As we assume the name "Center for Politics", we are publicly dedicating this organization's reputation to the restoration of the age-old word, which has existed for over 2500 years. While our mission remains the same, today we unveil a redesigned logo and revamped website that better convey who we are and what we do. If you would like any additional information about the Center during this exciting time in our history, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Center releases "A More Perfect Union"
5/16/02 | CHARLOTTESVILLE—Just in time for the 2002 midterm elections, the University of Virginia Center for Politics will release a state-of-the-art, interactive CD-Rom that enables participants to conduct a "live" statewide campaign for the United States Senate. Larger in scale, but similar to interactive technologies used at the Newseum in Washington, D.C, the CD-Rom uses responsive technology that enables one to manipulate the actions of "real people" to carry out extensive campaign strategies determined by the player.
      Press Release (MS Word) | CD-ROM website

America at War! Symposium to Explore Wartime Politics
3/18/02 | CHARLOTTESVILLE—During the months of March and April, the University of Virginia Center for Politics explored the remarkable history of American politics during times of crisis and military conflict. Through the National Symposium on Wartime Politics, the country’s leading scholars, journalists, and political practitioners discussed not only the current political landscape in light of September 11, but also how the political parties, media and political leaders have responded in times of war throughout our nation’s history.
      Press Release (MS Word) | NSS 2002 website

Having Cast 33,000+ Votes on "House Floor," Youth
e-Congress Adjourns Sine Die

3/5/02—Following an intense month of legislative activity where more than 850 bills were submitted from schools around the country, student legislators participating in the 2002 YLI e-Congress adjourned sine die after supporting only eleven new legislative measures. Of the legislation adopted, the bill receiving the greatest show of support - with 67% voting YEA - was a proposal to place severe restrictions on the telemarketing industry. Students also adopted measures to raise the minimum wage, encourage the teaching of sign language, strengthen immigration background checks, reduce hate crimes, encourage adoption and lower the age for "R" rated movies.
      Press Release (MS Word) | Youth Leadership Initiative website

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