Sabato's Crystal Ball

Kansas (03) House 2010


Crystal Ball Outlook: Likely R

Democratic candidate: Stephene Moore, nurse

Republican candidate: Kevin Yoder, State Representative

Recent updates from the Crystal Ball

Update: October 14, 2010

Upon recent analysis, this race has moved from Toss-Up to Likely Republican.


The race for the 3rd district seat in Kansas is an open one since Rep. Moore, the Democratic incumbent, is not running for reelection. The district consists of Johnson County, Wyandotte County, and a section of Douglas county to the west. Most district residents live in Johnson County, a county that is heavily Republican and often serves as a battleground between moderate and conservative wings of the Kansas Republican Party. The primary is coming up on August 3rd.

The Democratic primary candidates are Rep. Moore wife/nurse Stephene Moore and activist Tom Scherer. The Republican field of candidates is much bigger and includes state Rep. Kevin Yoder, former state Rep. Patricia Lightner, former Department of Justice aide Craig McPherson, retired Marine Dan Gilyeat, pharmaceutical salesman John Rysavy, businesswoman/attorney Jean Ann Uvodich, Dave King, greeting card salesman Garry Klotz, and retiree Jerry Malone (R). Given the large number of candidates, for now this race is a Toss-Up.