Sabato's Crystal Ball

Colorado (07) House 2010

Crystal Ball Outlook: Likely D

Democratic candidate: Ed Perlmutter, Incumbent

Republican candidate: Ryan Frasier, City Council member

Recent Updates from the Crystal Ball

Update: September 28

Two-term Democratic incumbent Ed Perlmutter is seeking reelection in Colorado’s 7th District. Located outside of Denver, the 7th Congressional District is a left-leaning district, which makes Perlmutter’s shot at winning come November fairly strong. To date, he has one Republican contender in Ryan Frasier – a former Aurora City Council member – who beat Liang Sias in the Republican primary.

Though Perlmutter’s chances of winning are strong, he has voted with the Obama administration on all major controversial pieces of legislation (TARP, stimulus package, and the healthcare bill), which may hurt him among more conservative voters.

Ryan Frasier has received an endorsement from ex-Rep and Gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo, which he hopes to attract conservative voters; however, currently it appears that this district is still Likely Democrat.