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For Gop’s Sake, Texas Better Not Secede

, Senior Columnist

Of all the jaw-dropping comments made by politicians this year, the one that takes top prize was not uttered in the nation’s capital but deep in the heart of Texas. There, in conjunction with a tax day “tea party,” Republican Gov. Rick Perry floated the idea of his huge state along the Mexican border seceding […]

Hot House 2010

The Upcoming Contests for the U.S. House of Representatives

We are barely into the two-year term for the current House of Representatives, but you can be sure that the 2010 contests have already begun. That is especially true for members of the House who are in two-party competitive districts. For them, it is a permanent campaign. Relatively few incumbents have challengers out-and-about already. So […]

2008 Split House Districts

Presidency 2012: The Invisible Primary Begins

We at the Crystal Ball must beg your forgiveness. With fewer than 1,300 days left until the next general election for President, we have failed to offer a single analysis of this historic upcoming battle. With humility, and hoping for mercy, we submit this first update on 2012. The start of the nomination battle is […]