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Congressional Combat

Contests for the U.S. House 2008

, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics

Truly important election years for the U.S. House of Representatives come around only every so often-years when party control is at stake and the House actually changes hands or the balance of power is significantly altered one way or the other. Since 1970 we have had five of those years: 1974 – The year of […]

Senate Sensibilities

, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics

Look at recent history. The Senate has changed party control six times: in 1980 (D to R), 1986 (R to D), 1994 (D to R), 2001 (R to D), 2002 (D to R), and 2006 (R to D). This is no longer a rare event. And the Democrats now control the Senate by the slimmest […]

Presidential Politics: Not Always Easier the Second Time

, Senior Columnist

“It’s always easier the second time around,” goes the lyrics of the old song. But while that may be true in love and romance, it is certainly not the case in presidential politics. And that is not good news for Republican John McCain and Democrat John Edwards (or for that matter, Democrats Joe Biden and […]