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Toward a More Perfect Constitution

Ideas to Revitalize America's Governing Document

, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics

Like almost all Americans, I grew up believing in the Constitution–every bit of it. But having chosen American politics as my primary passion in life, over decades of daily thinking about the issues that confronted the nation, I gradually began to see that parts of the system were no longer working very well, that the […]

Like Father, Like Son?

The Romneys Run for President

, Senior Columnist

America has known successful political dynasties in the last generation or two–the Bushes, the Clintons, the Kennedys. Not quite on the same level are the Romneys. George Romney made an unsuccessful run for the 1968 Republican presidential nomination. His son, Mitt, is currently seeking the same goal. Like his father, he is touting himself as […]

More Notes on the State of Politics

, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics

Last week the Crystal Ball published the first installment in an intermittent series of observations on a variety of 2008 political and campaign topics. In addition to our usual essays focusing on one subject, which will still appear regularly, we offer these morsels as a “low cal” supplement for political junkies on the go! Jefferson […]

Notes on the State of Politics

, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics

Jefferson aficionados know the Man of the Millennium only penned one book in his lifetime, Notes on the State of Virginia. Many of Jefferson’s observations in that volume still hold fascination today, and we recommend it to you. For our part, with a bow to the Rotunda and a nod to Monticello, we will offer, […]