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A Map in Flux?

The 2008 Potential to Reshape the Electoral Landscape

, Senior Columnist

A whole generation of young Americans may be growing up with the impression that the nation’s electoral map is locked into a rough balance between the Democrats and Republicans, with their states sharply etched in shades of blue and red. It is an understandable impression. After months of campaigning and the expenditure of hundreds of […]

Untangling the Netroots

The rapid rise of Daily Kos and the liberal blogosphere

, U.Va. Center for Politics

The group gathered in the Chicago McCormick Place Convention Center was not the usual audience for a presidential debate. While the Democratic candidates for president may not have fully realized this as they strode onstage, it didn’t take long for the crowd to impress that fact upon them. As the candidates were introduced, it was […]

Bill and Hillary: Joined at the Base

, Senior Columnist

Bill and Hillary Clinton may not be joined together at the hip, but they are connected at the base. For if the former First Lady is to win the Democratic presidential nomination next year, it most likely will be by resurrecting a coalition of voters quite similar to the one that propelled her husband to […]

Pride, Prejudice, and Presidents

, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics

One unusual function of presidential elections is to allow us to confront our own prejudices. The 2008 contest already guarantees us more opportunities to do that than any other in American history. The nation’s performance in this regard is both ugly and inspiring. New York Governor Al Smith, the first Roman Catholic nominated by a […]