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The Campaigns for Governor in '07 and '08

, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics

Governors do while Senators talk–and we’re not just referring to Joe Biden. The talking takes place in Washington, the most over-covered capital city in the world. The doing occurs in the fifty states, scattered across a continental country and often ignored by the D.C.-centric national press. That’s one reason why the Crystal Ball has always […]


Down to the Wire Again?

, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics

Three of the last four election years have produced squeaker results in the Senate contests. In 2000 the parties emerged from November in a 50-50 tie, broken by new Vice President Cheney in the GOP’s favor in 2001. Just five months later, the Republican-to-Independent/Democratic switch of Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont gave the Senate to […]

Scheduling Insanity

Why we are courting disaster in next year's presidential primaries

, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics

In 1968 the country had 14 state presidential primaries, scheduled rather sensibly and intermittently between March and June. In 2008 a minimum of 42 primaries will be held, possibly as many as 47, beginning in January, or even earlier, and stretching out for six long months. Even worse, the ’08 schedule will be the most […]

Part II: The Republicans in the ’08 Presidential Race

The nation's 55th quadrennial orgy continues

, Director, U.Va. Center for Politics

Last week we took a look at the upcoming Quadrennial Orgy of presidential politics from the Democrats’ perspective. Now it is the Republicans’ turn to be run over by the Crystal Ball. There isn’t a GOP candidate out there who isn’t happy November 2008 is over 22 months away. You wouldn’t need a political analyst […]

The Conservatives’ Days of Malaise

A quick peek inside the base's team huddle

, U.Va. Center for Politics

I’m sure some very wise person once said that the best time to measure the true character of a party is in its moment of defeat, not its moment of triumph. And so it was with keen anticipation and curiosity that the Crystal Ball attended this past weekend’s Conservative Summit, a well-organized Washington powwow of […]