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Outlook: Solid Democratic

June 18, 2008 Update:

Two things are certain in this Michigan Senate race. One, Democratic Senator Carl Levin will face Republican nominee Jack Hoogendyk in the November general election. Hoogendyk was the only Republican to qualify for the August primary ballot, assuring him the GOP nod.

Certainty number two: Levin will win this now-finalized match-up. Hoogendyk has raised about $100,000, which pales in comparison to Levin’s $5 million cash on hand. And while Levin has served for nearly thirty years in the U.S. Senate, Hoogendyk has spent six years in the state house of representatives. This race will go Levin’s way, as he has a wealth of both experience and campaign funds.

March 25, 2008 Update:

Michigan looks like it will be spending all of its political drama on the presidential delegate battle, since it won’t need much in the Senate race. With a lack of any substantial Republican challengers, Democratic incumbent Carl Levin should coast to reelection come November. Levin has kept the pedal to the floor on fundraising, setting himself up with nearly $4 million in cash on hand; his closest Republican opponent has a paltry $10,000 by comparison. In the unlikely event that a major challenger arises, Levin should be able to simply bludgeon them with cash, and ease right on into his sixth term.


Democratic Senator Carl Levin, so far, has no announced GOP opponent, but has still found a way to put his spare time to good use. In the second quarter alone he raised $1.76 million, third among non-presidential candidate incumbents, and has $2.86 million cash-on-hand. Republicans vow that they will eventually produce a candidate, but none have volunteered and no one is going across the state to set up a campaign structure. Against any incumbent, but especially Levin with his fundraising prowess, that could be a fatal mistake. With 2006 Republican nominee Mike Bouchard passing on a challenge and Republican state representative Jack Hoogendyk voicing limited interest, this seat looks as safe as can be.


Carl Levin (I) – Democrat – current Senator

Jack Hoogendyk – Republican – state representative